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Its All In The Details!


I've seen too many give a 100% to the prep: the training intensity/ the food/ recovery etc. Even up until show day: insane physique/ nice suit/ amazing hair, tan & make up. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Then those lights hit; time to walk the walk & ...



Let's Make This Right!

Mastering your posing & stage presentation SHOULD be an integral part of your prep, not something you knock together 'quickly' on peak week! 

Often I see amazing physiques not get the placing they deserve - simply because they did NOT think having & practicing a posing routine was an important part of the process! Hence when the time comes, they are unaware how to showcase their hard work! 

Posing is an art form: when you get it right, your stage confidence will go through the roof! It will also teach you how to highlight your strongest points & mask your not so...

Contact me NOW! to help you put your best foot forward.

  • (Refresher Session)

    30 min
    30 British pounds
  • (Full Hour Session)

    1 hr
    50 British pounds
  • (Discounted Block Of Three 1hr Sessions)

    3 hr
    120 British pounds