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HEY, I'm Anna!

I'm a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor who's been in the industry for over 13 years. I'm also a professional bodybuilder (British Champion with a Top 10 world ranking)

I was one of those active, skinny (flat) teenager types - who no matter what I did, I just don't get fat. All that changed very rapidly when I relocated to a university town & started living the typical student life: long study & work hours/ little mobility, copious amounts of alcohol & fast junk food at 4am 3 or more times a week. You guessed it - I got very fat, tired and lethargic.

Then, (as you do) I started looking for shortcuts to redeem myself: the fad diets/ slimming pills etc. After wasting money on all the teas & fat loss "treatments", I decided to join a gym. The very first gym I joined, I ran out the fire escape in the ladies bathroom because I got mortified when the induction lady brought out some callipers & said she needed to take my measurements.

It would take me another 2-3 years of floating around/ stop starts/ trial & error/ fitness DVD's in my living room - before I got to properly educate myself & really figure things out - and voila! My results were exponential.

I was told no matter what I do, I can't have a flat stomach/ 6 pack - "because of my genetics". Well, my structured diet plan & training regime said otherwise.

Nothing surpasses the joy of seeing someone achieve the body/ good health/ amazing lifestyle of their dreams!

I've been through the maze, let me help you train - so you don't have to!

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